#TheStrat learning guide

Since I discovered #finwit, I’ve been consistently spending quite a bit of time on twitter trying to hone my trading skill. I recently came across something called the #theStrat. I’ve backtested the strategy with many old charts and I was suprised by how well it has worked.

As I am trying to get better at #theStrat, I realized there’s so much unstructured information on the internet and it could become overwhelming for someone trying to learn it. I am hoping the following guide can help the new great trader, like you.

Pre-req: Candle sticks charts

You do need some basic fundamental understanding of the candle sticks charts. Skip this if you already know how to read candle stick charts. Here’s a good candle stick charts explaination if you are unfamiliar with candle stick charts. I’ll capture the basics here. All you have to remember is this


If you use https://stockcharts.com/, using Apple as an example, a hollow candle means it’s a up day and a red one means it’s a down day. Of course, some trading platform allows you to customize the color. In thinkorswim, you’ll see green and red candles by default.

Videos to watch

I watched so many #thestrat videos and I realized by watching them in this order, it’ll make the most sense. It’s like all the Marvel movies, you have to watch them in a certain order :D .

Disclaimer: These are not my videos. I just found the links for you so you don’t have to google hard. Subscribe to these youtube channels and support these individuals.

  1. Sarah Strat Sniper: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClY7agIuPv2dR_gT2hZ6Kyw
  2. Benzinga: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqQs28K2zj2dOsc5NfXUKEg
  3. TrendSpider: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVvdnt2An8rC7zeey6Sa7bQ

#thestrat videos

  1. The #thestrat method is all about 1-2-3. Watch this video by Sarah to get a sense of what these number means.

bonus: complimentary reading is on this page: https://lucid-trend.com/Education/What-is-TheSTRAT-Method.html

After that video, I suggest you watch this

  1. If you recall from video #1 above, there are three types of bars: 1, 2, 3. They combine to make ‘signals’. Some are tradable and some are not. Sarah here explains the tradable signals in this video
  2. Another video by Sarah explaining why you shouldn’t trade on inside bars
  3. This is getting more advanced. Sarah’s trademark SSS50PercentRule. Anticipatory trading at its best.
  4. now you know the basics, watch this video. This is like the summary, or the recap from the master. I believe he’s the inventor of the #thestrat strategy. Someone correct me if this is wrong.

Chart Scanning

There are scripts out there that can make identifying 1-2-3s much quicker. I use tradingView so I am going to show you an example of how to do this, step by step.

  1. in trading view, in the Indicators & Strategies modal, seach for “Strat Assistant”. Add “Strat Assistant” to your favourite if you like.
  2. Make sure “Strat Assistant” is enabled. You should see the candles labelled.

Web resources

I don’t recommend reading the following until you’ve watched the videos above.

Twitter resources